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Customised lessons with online tutoring

Customised lesson plans matched for each student plus private 1-to-1 Online Tutoring available.

Personalised Online Learning Portal

All students get access to their own online learning portal containing comprehensive revision notes for each lesson, access to our recorded video.

Online and telephone support available

Our Tutor support center is there to assist families.


Get Coding Classes for Kids!

Skill your child to build the technologies of tomorrow, in just six fun packed weeks with our online tutorial!

Online tutorial on Abacus

Abacus for Kids!

Abacus is very good for children and also the activities are used to train and shape their mind in a better way.

kids with abacus

Online Tutorial

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TeachEthiopia is a pioneer online tutorial in Ethiopia that is passionate about enabling individuals, both adults and children, to excel in their learning goals. It uses a simple, fun, intuitive online learning program combined with easy-to-use technology. It’s live and interactive and provides private face-to-face tutoring.

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